Troll Cars

From the lodge walk the 2,5 km to the glacier lake or rent the Troll Cars that takes you approx 2 km to the start of the National Park. Here you leave the Troll Car behind and walk the last 500 meters on gravelled route to the glacier lake.

Having taken in the beauty of the Briksdal Glacier walk back to the Troll Car for the drive back to the lodge.

Briksdal Moutain Lodge

Briksdal Mountain Lodge has a nice cafe where you can buy refreshments.

Briksdal Glacier

The Briksdal Glacier has developed over years and has both grown and receded in modern times.

The development of the glacier is marked along the way showing where the glacier foot was at certain given times.

Today the glacier is receding but is still a majestetic sight to behold.